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Bringing balance into focus. 

Our experience goes beyond investing.

Achieving your financial life balance isn’t always an easy task. Many people struggle with finding a balance between spending today and saving for tomorrow. Or can’t figure out how much risk they’re comfortable with when investing. Or tend to minimize the importance of things like creating wills and estate plans.

Find your financial life balance.

At Balance Point, our mission is to help you answer  questions, establish priorities, and take the necessary steps to give you a sense of calm and confidence about your finances and your future.

We do this by getting to know you and creating a comfortable relationship with active, ongoing communications. In fact, at Balance Point, we take great pride in the personal connections we have with our clients. We sincerely believe that by getting to know our clients we are better able to understand what matters most to them, what concerns they have, and what they want the future to look like for themselves and their families. 

This personal connection and trust also give us the ability to make sure your financial life stays in balance. Because life changes, circumstances change, and finances change. So, along the way, we must make adjustments to your plan and investments to address those changes. Being able to have open, regular conversations keeps us in touch with your life and your needs and allows us to proactively make changes to keep you on track to achieve your short- and long-term goals. 

Jon-Paul Brown

Wealth Advisor

(314) 699-9204

Wealth Advisor Jon Brown considers his role at Balance Point Financial as “our client’s first point of contact. I’m a sympathetic ear, and overall problem solver.

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Rick Wedell

Chief Investment Officer

Prior to joining RFG, Rick spent 12 years at Bain Capital Credit where he rose through the ranks to become Executive Vice President, Head of Fixed Income Consumer Investments and Assistant Portfolio Manager.

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