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The plan comes first. Always. 

Be confident about the future.

At Balance Point, our mantra is: the plan comes first. Unlike many other advisors, we won’t ask you to move any money anywhere until we have a comprehensive, detailed plan in place. To us, moving assets before you have a plan is putting the cart before the horse. In other words, backward. The truth is financial plans are what we do at Balance Point. Planning is our specialty and our absolute focus. In fact, you can decide to implement your plan elsewhere if you want. Our ultimate goal at Balance Point is to make sure you have a carefully crafted, thorough, and detailed roadmap for your financial future. Because having a plan is what will enable you to achieve balance in your financial life. The rest is just execution.

Every client is different. 

Many advisors have a step-by-step process for working with their clients. And that’s fine. But at Balance Point, we know every client is different. So instead of following a set-in-stone process, we figure out what works best for each individual client.

If you want to meet once and start working together, we’ll do that. If you need several meetings to get comfortable and gain an understanding of how we work, we’ll do that. We move at your speed. We don’t do pressure or hard selling. What we do is build relationships and connections based on trust and openness that we hope will last for many years.

Even after you start working with us, we still work at your speed. Want to do a Zoom call once a year to check your progress? That’s fine with us. Want to grab coffee once a month to go over your accounts — or just to chat? We can do that, too. Again, it’s all about creating balance, not only in your financial life but in how we interact and communicate, too. Because when there is balance, things work better. It’s that simple. 

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