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Jon-Paul Brown

Jon-Paul Brown

Wealth Advisor

Wealth Advisor Jon Brown considers his role at Balance Point Financial as “our client’s first point of contact. I’m a sympathetic ear, and overall problem solver. I’m a sounding board when our clients have a big decision to make, like whether to lease or buy a new car.” He added, jokingly, “or whether an IPA or an Ale goes better with a T-bone steak. I’m here for whatever they need.”

“Truth is, I’m here to construct financial plans that help clients make the best choices when they come to a fork in the road of life,” Jon says.

He added, he always wanted to be a financial advisor, but it took him a few years to acquire the knowledge and industry understanding he needed to serve his clients. “I started out as a financial advisor, but realized there was a lot I didn’t know, so I went into a home office role to deepen my knowledge base. After seven years, I decided I was ready, and here I am.”